Feeling Creative & Crafty

I have the creative craft bug, again. I am just aching to get my hands into something around this house. Maybe it's because friends of ours just bought a house and I keep reading about the work they are doing there? I have so many ideas in my head and want to DO SOMETHING! Two things are holding me back, though... 1) Time and 2) Money. (Well, three things if you count Kevin! lol)

I want to paint an old buffet we have in our living room. It was a hand me down from my mom and it a little worse for wear. The legs/feet on the bottom are not very stable and it just looks really beat up. I think some nails in the bottom and a nice thick coat of black paint would do wonders. (Oh, and some new hardware, of course.)

I want to put in an above-the-range microwave. Our microwave has been a trooper... I've had it since college! It works pretty well... just takes a little longer to get things really hot and sometimes it will just shut off (like, literally) if you run it too long. ;) I would really like to get a new one and have it installed above the range. This would mean that we'd have to replace the cabinet up there, too... so that might make the project a little harder.

While we're on the kitchen, I'd love to paint the walls in there (and in the dining area). I'd also like to put in a nice back splash... maybe stamped tin or something that looks like stamped tin.

Onto the master bathroom... I want to put a frame around the huge mirror in there. I've seen it done before. Some nice, white moulding right on top of the mirror edge. That shouldn't be too hard, or expensive, but we have to find the time for it. I'd also like to put in a sliding glass door to the shower. It's a small master bathroom with a tub/shower combo, but it's a garden tub and I think glass doors would make the room feel larger. I don't even know if that's something we could do ourselves but it couldn't be that hard. Could it?

I've also been thinking about a toddler room for Lea. I know we have another 6 to 12 months before that time comes but I can't help but day dream about this stuff! Our guest room is painted a beautiful greyish-blue with bright white trim. I would keep that color and just add some pink and yellow stuff to the room. It would be a bird theme with birdhouses, trees and little birdies all around. Adorable, right?! I guess the blue walls would act as a sky back drop. I love it! Just before Lea's first birthday party (which was a bird theme) I found a huge birdhouse (like the size of a toy box) at a consignment shop. It was already painted pink and white so I just painted some flowers and stuff around it to dress it up. Well, until recently it's been sitting in the garage. But, Kevin opened the top, added some hinges and a knob. It's going to be a bird house toy box! :)

There are other things I want to do around this house... new carpet in the master bedroom, paint Lea's bathroom, add crown moulding in the master bedroom, etc. I doubt we'll get to everything before we move and even then there will always be something in another house. That's just the way it goes when you own a house! So, I have to find smaller scale projects to keep me busy (and happy). Like this buffet table staring at me while I type this. I think that will be my next project. It should be easy to do and won't cost much. I just need to find the time... and convince Kevin! :)

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  1. Do the buffet and make sure to post pictures!!!


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