So.... I am learning how to crochet! That's right... you heard correctly. My friend Jennifer is going to teach me. She helped me get a 'starter kit' together yesterday and today I am practicing my chain stitch. Yay!

We took the kids to AC Moore so I could get some yarn and hooks. Then, after a stop into Pet Smart to look at the dogs and hamsters, we grabbed some Italian ice at Rita's. Lea and Ryan are so cute together... they even share a birthday. How cute is that? I just had  my cheap, little camera with me so these pics aren't great. But you can clearly see how adorable they are together!


Anyway... back to crocheting. I've been browsing patterns online and these are the things I want to make. (and I'm seriously going to... some day!)

Homemade play food!
Adorable clips for Lea's hair!
Nice headband for mommy's hair.

How cute is this Tooth Fairy pocket?
Before all that, though... I need to learn how to make a simple wash cloth. Wish me luck! :)

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  1. You found some cool patterns!! Love the flower headband and tooth pocket! Did you find those on ravelry?


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