Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Kevin and I had a great date-night, thanks to Gaga and Papa Thomas. We went to see Black Swan (really intense movie!) and then got ice cream afterwards. Tonight, Kevin is starting a daddy/daughter Valentine's date. He's taking Lea to Chick-fil-a for dinner... he even had to make a reservation on their web site! Too cute, I know. ;)

We've been busy lately... valentine party play-dates, the circus, grooming Bailey (which is an all-day affair), movie & ice cream date without Lea and playing at the park. It was a fun weekend! But... Kevin had to head back to the office today. :( Lea woke up bright and early to tell him good-bye. I hope she doesn't think this will be the norm from now on. I need her to stay in bed until 8 am... I have to have need a half hour to myself in the mornings! Is that too much to ask for? And... NO... I will not be getting up before 7 am. It's hard enough for me to get up at 7:30 am.

Anyhow, I digress. Here are some pics from our fun weekend...

Enjoying cookies w/ her friend Caleb.

Meeting her first clown at her first circus!

Watching the trapeez artists at the circus.

Playing at the park.
  The next picture was my (failed) attempt at getting a family shot. I find a place to set the camera, set it on a 10 sec. timer and run to place.... just then, Lea starts screaming, Bailey turns around and I blink. Seriously? Zoom in... it's pretty funny. :)

I love her eyes!
Lea has been busy, too. Lately she has really shown more interest in trying to say more words. The words she has down pat are as follows:

Bay-me (Bailey)
Gaga (Grandma)
Bup (Up)
Duhm (Down)
Muh (More & Milk)
Bub-bub (Bubbles)
K-k (Cookie... she just makes the "k" sound twice)

Now, her new words... like, all of a sudden the past couple weeks, are:

Papi (Pacifier)

Tut-uh (Turtle)
No (Snow)
Pie-pee (Piper... my brother's dog, who they often call Pipee)
Bown (Brownie)
Peee (Please)
Cheee (Cheese... like, when you take a picture!)

I love hearing her try to say new words! I really need to write them down and keep up with it because it's getting hard to remember them all.

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