To Cook or Not to Cook...

I don't like to cook.

There, I said it! It's one of those things that I wish I did like, but I really don't.  I can make some great cookies (and actually made delicous cheesecake brownies from scratch on Sunday!), but cooking a meal is another story. I love to eat and I actually like to eat healthy foods, but it's so much faster & easier to grab a frozen pizza and a handful of baby carrots chips.

I'm trying to make an effort to cook more, though... especially now that I am a stay-at-home mom. I found this cool site called Super Cook where you can enter items that you have in your kitchen and they will give you a list of recipes that you can make with those items. Last night I tried a chicken recipe (it was just ok) and tonight I'm doing pork chops. If it's not easy, I won't make it. I think tomorrow I'll make vegetable beef soup... from scratch, not from a can. How hard can that be? Beef, frozen veggies, beef broth, a little pasta and some seasoning. I can do that! (right?)

Currently, Lea eats the best in our family. If we have McDonald's, she has homemade chicken nuggets, peas and baked sweet potatoes. I want to change that. I want us ALL to eat well & healthy. We deserve it, right!?

I need some encouragement and inspiration to keep going. What are some of your favorite (easy) recipes and what are your time saving tips when making dinner?

Lea enjoying (not-so-healthy) conch fritters in FL.


  1. First, thank you for posting that site!
    Second, I am no help. I hate cooking too. I can actually cook pretty well but I just don't LIKE to. Coming up with dinner every night is like pulling teeth for me. I dread it every day. I lack the motivation. I spend all day cleaning and playing and I hate cleaning up after cooking. My goal is to come up with some easy recipes. I promise to pass them along!

  2. I enjoy cooking, a lot actually, it's the cleaning that causes me to avoid the big fun meals I want to plan. Oh, and the prep with a toddler under foot. So, often some of our favorite meals are bean salads, easy soups, egg based dinner (fritata, omelets, "breakfast" burritos), burritos, pitas, baked potato bar, stuff like that. They are all things I can jam some veggies in without it being a huge effort. I'm vegetarian and Stephen isn't so that makes me feel like I'm always cooking a special meal for every person in the house, another thing that makes me hate dinner, but once it is warm again BBQing is the best way to get everyone what they like all at once.

    Good luck!


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