Teddy Bear

I finally finished Lea's crocheted teddy bear! It wasn't a difficult pattern, however I ended up taking it apart and starting over when I was almost done. The shape just didn't look right. But, now it's done and I love it!

Lea watched me sew on the arms & legs and she wanted it right away. So, I gave it to her before I added the face. She immediately fell in love with it... taking it with her everywhere and even sleeping with it. :) I was asking her where the bear's ears were, she'd point to it's ears... where the bear's legs were, she'd grab it's legs... then, I asked her where the bear's nose was (remember, it didn't have a face, yet), she looked around the bear's head a bit and then quietly said "Uh-Oh!" It was so cute.

I just added the bear's face and a little bow on top of her head while Lea's been napping. I can't wait to see her reaction when she sees it!


  1. So cute! I especially love the bow.

  2. That is too darn cute!!

  3. Great job!!! Love it!!!

  4. Holy moly Jess! That is amazing. Go you!


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