Smoothies & Laptops Don't Mix

Obviously it's been awhile... sorry for that. Last week, Lea "cheersed" my large cup of berry smoothie while I wasn't looking and it spilled all over our laptop keyboard. Fun times! So, that's my excuse for not blogging recently (even though we also have a desk top computer...).

Anyway. I am still taking a photography course through the local community college. I love it! I have learned a ton. This Monday night we have our first field trip to photograph downtown at night. I can't wait!

Lea and I went to visit my old college roommate. She just had a beautiful baby girl and that was the perfect excuse to visit since we haven't seen each other in like 8 years! We had a blast catching up and bragging about our baby girls. :)

I finished another crochet project and have moved onto the next. (Pictures coming soon!) I am now working on a huge bunny for Lea's Easter basket. It's going to be about 21" long and I got a lovely pale purple yarn for it. I am about half way done.

Today we're spending the afternoon making Spiced Sugar cookies and decorating them in pretty pastels for Easter. Lea's little friend, Ryan, is coming over to help. 18 month olds helping to make cookies? Sure! Why not?! It should be a lot of fun with many opportunities for some nice pictures. :)


  1. I think our girls are closer to 19 months now ;).

    I can't wait to see your downtown pics! I would love to find a good community photography class, it's on my list of things for ME to do.


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