Almost 19 Months!

Just a quick update on my almost-19-month-old-going-on-3-year-old daughter, Lea...

She is becoming quite the individual! These days, she is figuring out that she has opinions... and she's voicing them.

I let her choose what shoes she wants to wear (she can pick between two b/c the child has more shoes than Kevin and I put together!).

She still loves her bed/crib. Instead of trying to escape her crib, she often tries to climb INTO it. When I go up to get her in the mornings, I ask if she's ready to get up... and usually, she says no with a huge grin and buries herself deep into her pile of prized blankies (yes, she has several blankies... 6 to be exact, however only one is her very favorite). After a few more minutes, she's finally ready to face the day.

She has two top molars that are practically all the way out. No signs of anymore, though. However, yesterday and today she has had a low-grade fever and she did when those top molars appeared, too. Hopefully the bottom ones will get here soon!

She is trying to say a lot more words recently. So many that I can't count them all. Some of her "favorites" are...

Rye-eee (her friend, Ryan)
No (usually said very mater-of-factly, not in a mean way)
Go (usually said w/ a pointed finger, as in "Go away")
HEY! (always said in a cheery, but load voice!)
Pap-eee (pacifier... only at bed/nap time!)
Bup (up)
Mil (milk)
Buh (book)

Today she was upset at me for something and stormed off to the stairs. Wanting to give her some space, I kept my distance hoping she'd cool off. I listened to her cry/fuss when I realized she had gone all the way to the top of the stairs. I started going up the stairs to see where she was going. Her cries were now coming from her room so I headed that way.... when all of a sudden, she slammed the door shut! lol

It is so hard to believe that my baby girl will be TWO YEARS old in less than 6 months. I am soaking up every minute, the good and the bad, as I know it will be gone before too long.

Lea and "Rye-eee" decorating Easter sugar cookies.
Playing with my old "Fisher Price Play Family House"... she LOVES it!

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