It's a Zoo out there!

Sunday we took Lea to the NC Zoo. It's a pretty big zoo (especially compared to the Albuquerque Zoo). We got there just after they opened and stayed for SIX hours! We met our friends Amy & Zac with their little boy, Keat.

Lea had a blast running around with Keat. She explored everything and was very interested in the different animals. Her favorites were the turtles and the chimps. (my favorite is always the chimps!)

Lea is becoming quite the polite little girl. She says, "Dah-doo" for thank you when I ask her to... but the past couple days, she has actually said "thank you" when I didn't even have to prompt her to! As always, she says "MEeee!" for please and says it ALL the time. It's pretty funny because she walks around pointing at things saying, "Me.....Meee....MEEEE!", as in "Can I have it, please? Please?? PLEASE!!?" lol

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  1. So cute. Her hair is getting soooo long! Mad says please, "we we weeeee!!!!". They are the cutest!


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