Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

Happy Easter! We've had gorgeous weather this weekend... perfect for celebrating at church, Easter egg hunts and munching marshmallow chicks.

Yesterday we got Lea a sand box table for the back yard. She has had a blast playing in the sand. It has a little hole in the center for an umbrella so I hope to get one for it this summer. This morning, after an almost sleepless night, we got up to see what the Easter bunny left for Lea. She was happy to find a basket filled with books, shoes, Raisenetts, marshmallow candy and the adorable crocheted bunny that I made for her. :)

Then Gaga came up and we headed to church. Lea was pretty sleepy and fell asleep before it was over. After church, we went down to the other Gaga and Papa's house where we met up with Lea's cousins. She always has a blast running around trying to keep up with them! A yummy lunch of grilled burgers & dogs, strawberry shortcake for dessert, dying a few hard boiled Easter eggs, Easter themed crafts and a really fun egg hunt in the back yard ended our busy day. ;) The kids eggs were filled with coins ($0.05$0.10 & $0.25 each). Lea really liked opening the eggs to find the coins and yelled "MONEY!" every time. Hahaha! She also got some mini M&M's which she couldn't get enough of.

Sleeping in church. :)

Easter egg hunt!

Lea and her cousins.

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