Happy Father's Day

Dear Kevin, You are the BEST daddy any little girl could ever dream of. Really!

I love that you take time out for your family, even when your work is utterly exhausting and time consuming. I love that you work so hard so I am able to fulfill my own dream of staying home with Lea. I love that you read children's books in character (even though Grover often sounds like he's from Tijuana!) and that you read the same one over and over and over, again. I love that you care about teaching things to Lea while you play together. I love that you help with bath time and bed time. I love that you help with getting dinner on the table. I love that you sing to Lea (even though it's so out of tune and you are obviously, slightly embarrassed, because you sing so quietly). I love how much you care for your family and want what's best for us.

You are not taken for granted. You are a fabulous husband & daddy and we are lucky girls to have you in our lives. Thank you for everything you do for us. We love you more than words can express!

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!!!

Swimming on her own!!!
Trying to get her to blow bubbles...

Best daddy ever reading a bed time story. :)

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