Talking and talking and talking

Lea is talking SO much these days. She tries to say just about anything and everything. Sometimes it sounds correct... and sometimes I have no clue what she's trying to say! She is also starting to put words together (other than "all done", "night-night" and "bye-bye"). When we took Kevin to the airport earlier this week, she said "Daddy, airplane". And, yesterday, my mom & grandmother swear she said "Bailey eat cracker"! I'm not sure I believe them, though. lol

I've signed Lea up for some fun activities this summer. This month it's soccer. She has two soccer classes with about 10 other children. I think she's the youngest in the class, but she was one of the best behaved. The instructor had them "warm up" by touching their toes, jumping and marching. Then they got to practice kicking the soccer ball across the room, balancing their foot on the ball and kicking the ball into goals. Their "cool down" was playing with a parachute. Lea loved that part! They tossed the parachute up in the air and then climbed under it before it came down.

In July she will take a toddler "dance" class. It's four classes (one a week) and I am really looking forward to it! I think Lea will have a blast. She loves to dance around the house and she LOVES music. August will be basketball and then starting in September, she will go to "Wiggle & Worship" at the church. hehehe I just love that name... Wiggle & Worship! I image they will just be running around singing "Jesus Loves Me" and stuff. ;)

Lea's Great 'Gamma' is visiting right now and Lea loves the extra attention. I think it's so great to have FOUR generations together in one room. Really special.

Here are some pictures from the past few days...

Checking out the dinosaur at the Natural Sciences museum.
My happy girl in her favorite Elmo jammies!

Playing with Great Gamma

Working on their lawn mowers.

Helping mommy in the kitchen.

Balancing on her soccer ball!


  1. This looks like so much fun! I haven't been able to find any sort of toddler class that isn't daycare related or really far away. I know Mad would love to get all her energy out like this!

    How do you get Lea to follow instructions so well? Adorable!

  2. As usual, she's adorable - love the elmo jammy shot!


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