I realize I haven't posted in awhile. I just haven't felt like writing anything online. You see, I also keep a journal (yes, a good old hand-written journal) so once I get everything written in there, I am often done with sharing and have no desire to post on my blog. Sorry!

That being said, I do like to share my photos on here. So, here are some pics from our recent beach trip with Kevin's family. Even though Lea didn't sleep AT ALL (she was literally up from 2am to 5am several nights) we did have a nice time. I was so happy and grateful that Kevin was able to stay the entire week, as well. he needed that break from work!

She still loves chasing birds!

Playing with her cousins in the kiddy pool.

Playing in the rain!

Heading to the beach to say good-bye.

And, this is when she dropped her doll in the wet sand...

Feeding seagulls on the ferry ride.

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  1. These are all great! The wet, sandy doll shot is hilarious. I'm sure Lea would not agree with me there.

    Glad ya'll had fun. Some day we'll have to figure out how to go to the beach together again!


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