"Potty, Potty!"

Lea is practically potty trained. Yay! (I hope I'm not jinxing it by writing this.) I wasn't actually planning on potty training her this early (she's only 23 months old). Our pediatrician said there was no need to worry about it because children eventually potty train themselves. Well, now that I look back, I guess that's what happened. She was the one who initiated it and started showing interest. We just followed her lead!

We are on day 6 or 7 of no diapers. She wears training panties during the day (they are just panties with a little extra padding/fabric in the crotch). For naps, she wears cloth diapers... however, she's usually dry after a nap, so we may just do panties at nap time soon. And, for bed time, she wears regular, disposable diapers. I have NO CLUE how to potty train a child at night time. Her diaper is always soaked in the mornings. She has a habit of drinking water while we read stories, right before bed time, so we'll probably have to break that habit first.

Anyhow. We are so proud of Lea! I can't believe she's potty trained. She still doesn't TELL me when she has to pee, though. I just make sure we go to the potty at least once an hour. I assume she'll catch on and start telling us soon. (For the record, she does tell me when she has to poo... it's usually preceeded with "My tummy hurts." and then a frantic "POTTY! POTTY! follows as she runs to the nearest bathroom.)

More info. than you probably needed about Lea's toilet habits, but that's our life these days! :)


  1. Yay Lea! That is so great she did so well so fast!

    Keira still wears a pull-up at night and is soaked in the morning. Our doc said potty-trained is different than bed-wetting and some kids just don't wake up when they pee or when they have to pee. We tried Keira in panties at nap and she woke up in a puddle--3 hours later. She just won't wake up no matter what so we still do pull-ups when she sleeps. I have no clue how to break her of that but I will just ride it out. She's 100% during the day so I'm good with that for now!

  2. That's awesome! Maddie was pooping on the potty pretty consistently but not peeing. Then she would only pee. Then she refused to tell us for a while. Now she's back to asking to potty so I hope the third time is a charm for us. She also drinks water at night and pees a little at night but wants to potty first thing in the morning. If Lea is a late sleeper that may be why, Mad has to potty at 6 or so or she will have a soaked diaper to the point of leaking. I think it's just one of those things that comes with time.


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