Two Years Old

It's hard to believe my baby girl will be TWO years old tomorrow. Half of me feels like the past two years just flew by... it's like she was just born yesterday. But the other half of me can't even remember life without her... what did I do all day?

Lea makes me laugh every single day. She makes me smile, cry and sometimes raise my voice. She makes me so happy in so many ways. I am lucky to have her in my life and I look forward to the years to come.

As Lea continues to grow and learn, I will continue to do the best that I can and ensure that her life is filled with happy memories. We had one of those memories today. Family and friends came over to celebrate Lea's 2nd birthday. Kevin and I created a Sesame Street wonderland for her, complete with her own "Lea Street" lamp post sign, a giggling Elmo chair, balloons and yummy treats. It was a fun day!

Lea checking out the decor.

Opening presents.

Rocking the birthday hat I crocheted for her!

Happy Birthday, my beautiful girl!!!


  1. Great little party for a cute little girl! Love the cake shot you got!

    P.S. The cake was delicious. I may have have two big pieces. Also, the toy blender is now on Keat's Santa list. Who knew he'd like that so much??

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby! And happy birthing day to you :) She is so so adorable, lovin her curls!


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