Holiday Traditions

Now that December is literally right around the corner, I have been busy planning new holiday traditions for our family. Lea is old enough to understand a lot these days so I decided new traditions were in order.

The first one... we got an Elf on the Shelf! I am so excited about this one and can't wait to see Lea's reaction to it. A little movie was on CBS the other night about it and Lea loved it. Kevin and I decided that our Elf will come on our Christmas tree each year... which we also decided we would get the first weekend of December each year. So, this weekend we'll go pick out our tree and with it will come a surprise for Lea!

These little elf/book kits are not cheap... and if you want your elf to be a girl? Well, a little skirt is an extra $8! I got creative (what's new?) and made a crochet skirt for our elf. I love how it turned out and even like the look of it better than the store bought ones. :)

Another tradition I am starting this year is an advent calendar. I found an awesome idea online for one made out of a mini muffin tin. I got the muffin tin and red spray paint (because I am painting my tin red) so now I just need to figure out how to make covers for each hole. Sounded easy until I realized that I don't have the supplies to cut a perfect circle and I can't find the perfect sized circles at a craft store. Hmmmm... time to put on my creative hat, again!

I can't wait to fill the cups with little surprises like M&Ms, stickers, Hershey's Kisses, etc. Lea is going to love it!

Finally, my mom and I took Lea to her first movie today. We went to see Happy Feet 2 and Lea sat through the entire thing! Well, actually about an hour and 15 minutes into it, she yelled "OK, Turn it Off, Please!!!" lol It was so funny. Good thing there were only two other people in the theatre (we went to an early showing). I took her out for a quick potty break and she was ready to go back to watch the end. I was so surprised at how much she was actually paying attention to... which I know because she talked through the entire thing, "Oh no! Where did he go?" and "Yay, they did it!", for example. I wish Kevin could have been there but he was at work. He wants to take her to another movie now!


  1. Fun! We're starting Elf on the Shelf this year too! I think this year might just be a warm up (Mad doesn't even know Santa yet) but I'm excited to start fun traditions as well. So exciting to see our girls growing up :)

  2. Fun stuff! I love Christmas - especially now with kids! And traditions make it even better. Glad you mentioned the Elf movie - didn't catch that. Will have to see if I can find it online.

    Going to the movies is one of our favorite things to do with Keat!


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