Christmas is Coming!

We got our Christmas tree today and I am willing to bet that it is the prettiest tree we have ever had! I just LOVE sitting in the dark, looking at all the pretty lights late at night.

Lea had a blast helping us pick it out... but mostly just loved running around all the tall trees!

After we got the tree home, we found out that half of our lights didn't work (happens every year!) so we made a quick Walmart run.... and when we got home, Lea found a little visitor that must have hitched a ride on our tree!
Want to guess what Lea decided to name our new elf friend? You'll never get it! Our elf shall be called "Elvis"! That's right, Lea named her Elvis. Kevin and I joke that it's actually Elfis. lol

So, every day until Christmas, I get to say "Lea, Elvis is watching you!" LOL

Oh, and here's my failed attempted at getting a cute pic of Lea in front of our tree...

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