Maternity Pics

We visited our friends, Zac & Amy, last night and while there, Amy snapped a few pics of us. (She's not a professional photographer but easily could be!) It was a pretty hazzy, cloudy afternoon so I am very pleased with how well the pictures turned out. Here are a few...

Lea played with their little boy, Keat, while Amy and I hung out with the twin baby girls and the guys talked about... well, whatever guys talk about! ;) It was a nice evening.

Kevin and I have booked our "babymoon" weekend away. He's racked up some Hyatt hotel points with his business trips so we've decided to use a few for a two-night stay away from home. Since it's last minute, we aren't going far, but it will still be nice to get away! There will be an Ikea nearby where we're going and since I am probably one of the last people on earth who has never been to one, that will be on the agenda. Other than that (and possibly a stop at the outlet on the way home) we won't really be doing much but relaxing. :)

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