Big Sister and Little Sister

What a busy day yesterday! Emma was taken back to the nursery about 5:00 am for her final antibiotics and some tests. They checked her blood cultures for signs of GBS and that came back negative. :) Her bilirubin levels were checked and were normal. She also had to have a "car seat test" since she was in the Special Care Nursery. This consisted of strapping her in our car seat for an hour while they monitored her heart rate and breathing. Of course she passed!

My parents dropped Lea off so she could ride home with us from the hospital. We were able to get a few cute pics before we left.

Lea visited us three times while we were at the hospital. Each visit, I asked her if she wanted to hold Emma... she immediately said no as if she was afraid. Well, after we got home yesterday, we had quite a few visitors; my parents, my brother and sister-in-law, Kevin's mother and our nieces & nephew. Needless to say, Emma was passed around quite a bit. I guess Lea was paying attention because after everyone was gone for a bit, she just said out of the blue, "I want to hold Emma." :)

Even though Emma cried the entire time Lea held her, Lea was still so happy about her baby sister!

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