Big Sister Lea

Today Lea got to meet her new baby sister. It was such a special moment! Lea cautiously walked over to the bed where Emma and I were laying. She crawled up and immediately grabbed Emma's hand... Emma's reflex made her grab Lea's hand back and Lea thought that was the best thing ever!

Lea was very gentle and spoke softly. She loved pointing out Emma's hair, toes and "owie" (the IV port in her arm). She played "This Little Piggie" with her toes and then the girls exchanged gifts. A couple weeks ago, I took Lea on a special shopping trip to pick out a gift for Emma. Lea chose an adorable, organic cotton bunny blankie for Emma. Emma "got" Lea a few things she had been wanting... Lea was so surprised that Emma knew exactly what she wanted! lol

It didn't take long for Lea to lose interest. She played around our huge hospital room for awhile and then we occupied her with food for a little bit. :) My parents have been keeping her while we're here (Thank You, Gaga and Papa H.!).

My parents and Kevin's parents came by to meet Emma today, too. Everyone agrees that Emma resembles Lea quite a bit!

Emma has another dose of antibiotics to take around 5:00 this morning. At the same time, we'll take care of all the other little things that need to be done before we can head home (hearing test, discharge papers, etc.). I'm not going to lie, I am pretty nervous about going home with TWO kids. Wish us luck!

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  1. YOu can do it! Love the pictures! I have been showing Brody! :) I'm not gonna lie either.. its challenging at times to balance the time.. and emotional at first! You will do GREAT! When you get settled we would love to bring you food or anything you may need!! :)Monica


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