Another Emma Update

Emma is finally in our room!

We went back to the nursery last night and were told that Emma's glucose level was up to 66 (remember, it's supposed to be over 50). So, they reduced her IV to 3 ml. A few hours later, her glucose level was 61. They were very happy with that so decided to take her off the IV. A few hours later, her glucose was 55...still good! So, at midnight last night, Emma was able to finally come join us in our room. She was as content as could be and we couldn't put her down. Daddy has spent a lot of time rocking her and I am enjoying being able to nurse her from the comfort of the bed. :) (Her glucose level was checked one more time around 3:00 this morning and it was an impressive 68. She also has not had any more breathing issues.)

The final thing she is dealing with now is the threat of GBS (Group B Strep). Since the antibiotics for GBS have to be administered through an IV, she is taken back to the nursery for about an hour, every 12 hours, while we're here. It's not a continuous IV, however, so when she is in our room, she just has an IV port in her arm.

Emma is such a trooper! She is doing great and we are enjoying our new baby girl. Her big sister, Lea, will finally get to meet her today, as well as her grandparents and some close friends.

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  1. She is so pretty! I can't wait to meet her! I will call next week when we are back in town. Maybe we can stop by when all the kids are at day care and bring you dinner or lunch.


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