Emma Update

Emma was taken off of oxygen this morning around 7:00am. She was doing great so I was finally able to nurse her. After a rocky start (that really only lasted about 5 minutes), she was nursing with no problems! A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. :) We spent a good hour with her and then left to get some rest and some lunch. It will never feel right leaving my baby behind in someone else's care... I can't image how so many families do it in much worse situations.

Anyhow... we returned around 12:45pm and were told that she had a bad spell where she actually stopped breathing for a bit. Her face turned blue and she needed to be stimulated to start breathing. Let's hope that doesn't happen again! But since it did happen, they want her to stay in the Special Care Nursery a little longer.

After a little help from the lactation consultant to wake her up (and keep her awake), she nursed very well, again, this afternoon around 3:30pm. Poor thing must be exhausted... we've had a very busy day!

Besides the oxygen issue, the other thing that is being monitored is her low blood glucose level. It should be above 50. With an IV dose of 13 ml an hour, Emma's level was 61. So, after we nursed at lunch time, they reduced her IV to 6 ml. Her level was tested again before we nursed this afternoon and it was down to 50. :( So... we're leaving the IV at 6 ml and will see if her glucose level comes up any. This means she will need to keep the IV a little longer.

The original plan was to have Emma rooming in with us as soon as she got off the glucose IV, however since she just had this little breathing set back, they want to monitor her more now. So... we have to pray that she can get off the IV and can continue breathing well on her own so she can leave the Special Care Nursery.

Our chunky monkey!

Lea getting a ride on mommy's chair.

Baby Sister Emma

Daddy trying to console Emma...
it's hard with all those tubes and bandages!


  1. You are so good a sharing what is going on! I will be thinking happy thoughts for little Emma! :) cute cute pics btw..

  2. Saying lots of prayers for baby Emma. Hope she can get that glucose up soon and her breathing is ok. Hugs Momma!


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