I just don't have fat babies...

and that's ok.

Unless said baby gains weight so slowly that they begin sliding down the growth chart.

That's our little Emma! For the past several weeks, we have been taking her to the pediatrician for weight checks. She is gaining weight, but very slowly.

Here's her percentiles since she was born...

2 weeks - 60th %
1 month - 50th %
2 months - 25th %
3 months - 15th %
3 1/2 months - 10th %

She should be gaining around an ounce a day. She actually gains an average of barely half an ounce a day.

So, since we aren't sure if it's her just not eating enough or if it's me not making enough, we have a new game plan. I am to nurse Emma, at least, every three hours AROUND THE CLOCK. That's right. Our sweet little Emma, who was sleeping so well at night (sometimes over 10 hours straight...which could be part of our problem!), now has to be "disturbed" to nurse twice every night. (I say "disturbed" because she doesn't actually wake up. She just eats in her sleep.) While that is nice and all for Emma... it means that mommy (me!) will not be getting any more sleep for awhile. :( I've done this for only three days and I am already so exhausted. I know I need to be careful and take care of myself but, honestly, I would not feel comfortable giving my baby formula until I can truthfully say that I have done EVERYTHING possible to make breastfeeding work...

and that's exactly what I am doing right now.

I am working hard and praying hard that we can get this under control and things will be back to normal soon.

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  1. Big hugs to you. You are such a good mama. I hope things improve with her weight very soon!


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