Sleeping and Dance

Last night we decided to let Emma try sleeping in her own room for the first time. She's been sleeping in a little crib by my bed for the last four months (Lea slept in it for three months). Well, since Emma has been sleeping so well (from about 8pm to 5am) we thought it was time for her to move upstairs.

This crib has been in the family for decades.
My father and uncle slept in it, my cousins slept in it, my brother and I slept in it
and now my children have slept in it!

Emma slept in her own room from 8:30 pm to 6:15 am!!!
Today was Lea's first dance class. She has been so excited about it...reading Angelina Ballerina books all last week. We went shopping and picked out her ballet shoes, tap shoes, tights and leotard. She was ready!

It was an hour long class (about 40 min of ballet and 20 of tap). I was worried if she (and the others) could stay focused that long... but she did great! She really liked it. They will actually have a dance recital on Mother's Day weekend. I can't wait! :)


  1. Ryan just saw this and said "I miss my friend so much!"

    1. Aww! We miss y'all, too!

    2. Aww! We miss y'all, too!

    3. Aww! We miss y'all, too!

    4. Aww! We miss y'all, too!

  2. Love the picture of Emma in the crib...she looks so sweet all wrapped up.


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