Family Time

We've been spending some quality family-time together lately. It's been great!

A couple weekends ago we went apple picking. We got Pink Lady and Golden Delicious apples. They are so juicy and crispy! You can not get apples like that at the grocery store. I made a ton of apple sauce and some dried apple slices. Tomorrow I am making some apple dumplings. Yum!

We spent last week at the beach with my parents, brother and sister-in-law. The first couple of days were chilly, windy and rainy. But after that, the weather was PERFECT! I love the beach in October! We spent a lot of time on the beach but also went to the aquarium and got to go out in Papa's boat. Lea loved to "drive" the boat. ;) She had a blast playing with her Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dave, too!

Emma didn't sleep so well away from home. I'm not convinced that it was because we were somewhere new, though. I think she was having some stomach/gas/reflux issues. Lea slept great. She always does away from home.

Here are some highlights from the trip...

Swimming with Papa

Watching the rain

Snuggling with Gaga

Looking for sand fleas...

we found a ton!
The guys; ready to catch some crabs and clams!

Exploring Bogue Inlet

Driving Papa's boat!
My pretty girls



This is the best I could get of them together on the beach.

And these two pics are the best we could get of the family.

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Dave

The whole family!

I had to get a shot of cute, sandy toes.
 I took a TON of pictures on the beach. It is not easy to get a nice shot of two, young children together! So, just for fun, here's a nice blooper for you. I believe Lea was putting sand on Emma's head. Poor Emma!


  1. Great photos all around but especially of the girls on the beach!

    1. Thanks, Amy. That was harder than I expected. Didn't go quite like I thought it would but I'm pretty happy with the few good ones I got. ;)

  2. P.S. Where did you go apple picking. I need to put the place/month to go in my calendar. Looks so fun and the girls may actual enjoy it next year when they are walking.


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