Disney on Ice

Last week we took Lea to see Disney on Ice. It was a special night for just Lea... Emma stayed home with Gaga & Papa.

We had a blast!

Before the show, I stopped by the dollar store and got Lea a big glow stick, a couple small princess dolls and a Ring Pop. I didn't show her these things until we were in our seats, just before the show started. She was thrilled... and actually asked if I had gotten it while we were looking at the gift items there. lol

We had great seats... less than 12 rows from the ice!

The show was better than I thought it was going to be (we had never been before). It was kind of like a musical... played out on ice. I'm not sure what I expected but I liked that they acted out the stories. We saw The Little Mermaid (my favorite!), Tangled (not my favorite...we actually haven't even seen it), Brave and Beauty & the Beast (Lea's favorite!).

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