June already?!

I can not believe it is June 1st! Where does the time go? Seriously, this pregnancy is flying by!!! I will be 30 years old in 47 days AND we will have a BABY in approximately 112 days! Holy Cow!!!

We had a nice weekend... Saturday afternoon, Heather, Joe and Olivia came over for dinner. We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. Olivia (18 months old) was adorable! She is just a bundle of energy... into everything! Kevin and I did learn that we need corner protectors by our stairs and those little drawer locks in the kitchen! :P Sunday was my Mom's birthday so they came up for lunch at Peak City Grill in Apex. After that delicious meal, we ran around shopping before we had yummy carrot cake (with a TON of candles, thanks to Dad).

After the exhausting weekend, I am trying to get back into work mode. Happy June 1st!

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